Miscellaneous Information:

Clip Art:
          Kiwanis Family logos
          Public Relations Information
          Graphic Standards Manual

Club Excellence Tools:
          Club Assessment
          Club Excellence Tool Worksheet
          Planning Your Club's Success

International Convention:
          Certificate of Election of Delegates - Indianapolis Convention
          Declared Candidates - Indianapolis Convention
          Proposed Bylaw Amendments - Indianapolis Convention

          Club Satellite FAQ
          History of Kiwanis
          Life Membership Application  
          New Member Information Brochure
          New Membership Application Form
          New Member Orientation PowerPoint
          New Member Orientation Script
          Orientation Outline

On-Line Club Leadership Education Programs for Lieutenant Governor, President, Secretary/Treasurer, Board of Directors, Membership Chair, and New Member Orientation
KiwanisOne Online Reporting System (PowerPoint Presentation)
Kiwanis Leadership Guide
Roadmap: Online Leadership Resources