2015-2016 Contests and Awards 

2015-2016 CLUB AWARDS
Award Criteria    Nomination & Application Forms
2015-2016 District Distinguished Club Criteria    Distinguished Club Nomination Form  (Writable Form)
2015-2016 Annual Service Report Award    Annual Service Report Award Cover Sheet
2015-2016 Governor's Inter-Club Contest    Based informtion provided on Momthly Reports
2015-2016 Club Newsletter Award    Awards presented at 2016 District Convention
2015-2016 Club Facebook Award    Awards presented at 2016 District Convention


Individual Honors & Awards 
Award Criteria    Nomination & Application Forms
Distinguished Club Secretary   Distinguished Secretary Nomination Form (Writable Form)
Distinguished Kiwanian   Distinguished Kiwanian Nomination Form (Writable Form)
Kiwanis International Distinguished Kiwanian Nomination Form (Deadline to submit: 10/15/2016)


Annual District Awards  - Awards presented at 2016 District Convention
2015-2016 Lawman of the Year     
2015-2016 Layperson of the Year     
2015-2016 Teacher of the Year     
2015-2016 Firefighter of the Year